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Pre-Procedure Instructions:


***You may not have procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

***You must be 18 years of age in NYS to have a tattoo regardless of parental permission


In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor colour deposit or retention:

  • Be well hydrated
  • Do not  tweeze or wax or get threading done within 3 days prior to procedure
  • Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face
  • Do not have any type of facial 2 weeks prior to treatment
  • Do not work out the day of the procedure.  Salt is a natural pigment remover.
  • Do not have botox to brow area 3 weeks prior
  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E orally for one week prior (natural blood thinners)
  • Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days before the procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your tattoo
  • Limit coffee to one cup in the morning or within 6 hours of your procedure
  • Do not take an aspirin or aspirin product or ibuprofen for pain relief pre-procedure 
  • Wash the Eyebrows before you come with soap and water, use a new soft toothbrush if you have one, but don't irritate the skin
  • Wipe both brows with alcohol
  • If I gave you ointment to numb, apply 30 minutes before appointment and cover with clean plastic wrap strips ( do not get it into the eyes)









Aftercare Instructions for Eyebrows


Proper aftercare is a very important aspect of the long-term success, effectiveness, health, and overall satisfaction with your new eyebrow tattoos. The type of permanent makeup technique/method you chose will determine the aftercare process required.

 It is very important to follow these instructions in order to achieve the best possible results from your permanent makeup procedure. Included here are permanent makeup aftercare instructions that will help limit any infection or problems and assure healthy and successful healing as quickly as possible.

Aftercare Immediately After Your Procedure

Immediately after your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo procedure, you will feel tingling and tenderness, and probably a bit of swelling in the tattoo area. This is because the numbing cream/anaesthetic used on your brows before applying the tattoo, will start to wear off and the newly exposed wound will begin the process of healing immediately.

Also, it is highly likely that you will experience some skin sensitivity, redness and swelling for about 1-2 days. You might consider an over the counter pain reliever to help you get through.

During the initial healing period, make sure you give the eyebrows approximately two (2) weeks to heal and set, and limit any physical activity (like swimming or saunas) or exposure to direct sunlight that might cause premature fading.

 All tattoos carry the inherent risk of infection and/or an allergic reaction if pain or tenderness persists for longer than a few days, consult us and your doctor  immediately.


After Care Eyebrows


Day 1 (Day of procedure)


  • Dab/pat gently every 15 minutes x4, 30 x2, them hourly f 4 hours with provided compress. 
  • Do not touch with your bare hands.  
  • Wash eyebrows @ hour 6 with Cetaphil, rinse, pat dry and apply provided  ointment 


Day 2-14


  • From days 2-10 dab a very thin layer of ointment 3 x day
  • (Do not wet, wipe or wash the brows with water, only on day one)
  • Days 10-14 stop ointment and allow them to remain dry.
  • You may wash gently with cetaphil once scabs are gone.
  • Do not scrub, pick, or rub at any remaining scabs, let them fall off.


PICKING OR RUBBING scabs as this can pull the pigment out and leave a scar.


Failure to follow instructions can interfere with healing and require an additional touch up or extended second visit @ $100 per hour plus supplies.




  • No sweaty exercise for 5 days (if anything makes you sweat, avoid it…salt in sweat will remove the pigment.
  • No swimming x10 days.
  • Shower OK  with water to the back of your head….never on the face x 10 days
  • No creams, lotions, shampoo, soap, makeup, etc. to the area except what is provided for 10 days.
  • Never touch eyebrows unless you have washed your hands.
  • Never double dip the Q-tip.
  • DO NOT USE COTTON BALLS except if moist to PAT or DAB...they act like sandpaper
  • No exfoliants of any kind, ever.
  • No sun exposure for 30 days.  Hat, sunglasses or both.
  • Sunscreen when fully healed.
  • Sun is NOT your friend ever with permanent makeup.  It speed us the fading process.
  • You will need touch up work over time. When? Individual to each person.
  • Make your first appointment in 6 months for free color check.  You may not need a touch up but the color check is FREE.  Only 5 minutes  and please call me to schedule.




Color is going to look much darker at first.  

This will flake off!

THEN , it may look too light or almost gone.


  • By day 5, they may begin to exfoliate (flake/peel).  It may look like your new tattoo is falling off.  This is only the pigment that got trapped in the epidermis from the procedure and will be gone in 1-6 week, gradually being expelled during the healing cycle of 1-6 weeks.  Only the pigment that is in the Dermis will be retained and that is what you will see in 6 weeks.


  • Around day 7 -12:  color may seem to have disappeared & this is completely normal.  All surface pigment should be flaking off and leaving a pinkish appearance.  The pigment is “hiding” under the new healed skin.  It will begin to resurface over the next few weeks as the skin continues to regenerate.   Please don’t text me when this happens…as this is normal. However, Please DO send me a photo when this begins and every day until it is complete.      


  • Once all the flaking (scabs) are gone, and NO sooner than day 14,  you may begin to softly powder them in until your second required visit.  Do not use makeup remover at all…you may use grape seed oil or Cetaphil and do not rub.


  • Grape Seed oil can be purchased in the food isle of any grocery store (store in cool area or fridge). It does spoil.  If in fridge, it does thicken and need to warm up.  Take out an ounce at a time and leave @ room temp.


  • If you rub  or pick the scabs (flakes) off, you WILL ruin the work done.  I can tell if this happens by looking at them, so, you MUST send me these photos everyday.   If you fail to send me photos daily during the exfoliation phase it will  be assumed they may have been picked, scratched or rubbed off and you MAY need a redo on the second visit.  This will take more time and cost, so PLEASE don’t touch them except to gently wash and apply supplied oil, ointments or creams as directed. 


  • NO alcohol, witch hazel, or topical of any kind while healing.
  • NO antibiotic ointments ever unless directed by a health care provider for known or suspected infection. Topical Antibiotic ointments CAN reduce retention of color.
  • NO vaseline.
  • Use only what I have given you unless you text or call me first.
  • If you have pets, do NOT let them touch or lick your face.  If you pet them, wash your hands before touching your eyebrows eyeliner.
  • Make you second visit this week for 5-6 weeks post procedure.  My calendar fills up 4 weeks in advance.


If you have any signs of infection, please contact your primary care provider.

If you follow instructions exactly, and never touch with unwashed hands, you should not get an infection.  Remember, there is bacteria everywhere including your body.


Wash YOUR hands before touching your new tattoo and only touch it to clean and apply provided aftercare ointments and/or oils.


Please go to store and purchase: 

You will need these if you run out and for second (third) sessions. 

Or you can purchase a second kit of supplies for $10 from us.


  • Aquaphor or generic brand. (Smallest size avail)
  • Cetaphil or generic brand (awesome cleanser for facial care)
  • Grape Seed oil (grocery store)
  • Q-Tips / cotton swabs
  • We will give you some type of aftercare products after session one.  
  • Make sure to use it as instructed. 
  • The product Aquaphor or Recoveral by Softap are  post-tattoo ointments used by many for fast effective healing. "Less is more", so do not apply too much.  Do not use anything else.
  • For the rest of the healing period, only the provided ointment should be used, lightly, until healed (about 2 weeks).  
    • Do NOT wear any makeup products, pencils, powders, etc. during the first 2 weeks post procedure.  
      • Do not swim, sweat or wash with any soap that contains alcohol or phosphates.  
      • You may resume your exercize routine after day 3 providing you do not sweat.  Salt removes pigment

Swelling And/Or Bruising

Swelling, redness, skin sensitivity and some minor bruising are normal side effects to the eyebrow tattoo procedure but they shouldn’t last longer than a day or two. How easily a person swells and bruises depends on factors such as their age, skin type, and circulation. Swelling and bruising may disperse into larger surface areas of the face, like the forehead.  On average,  cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are least affected by swelling or bruising (compared to eyeliner, and lips) and should have very minimal issue if at all.  If swelling or bruising persists for more than a few days, it may be a sign of infection, so be sure to contact us and/or doctor right away.



Be aware that the new pigment from a fresh tattoo will most likely appear extremely dark and much thicker than expected, so don’t be surprised. Usually, after about a week or so, the area and top layer begins to scab and slough off in certain places. This process is called shedding or flaking.  Comparatively, these sections may appear extremely light next to the non-shedded segments.


Don’t worry, this pigment will eventually soften and settle into the appropriate shade when shedding is complete.  They may look "gone" assured, they are not.  They have to "bloom" up to the surface as the skin underneath heals.  This can take up to 6 weeks.


In total, it should take about two (2) weeks for your new eyebrow tattoos to shed completely and appear softer and lighter. 

If you wish them darker and thicker, this will be done on the second appointment.


Aftercare During The First Two Week Healing Period

The days following the procedure, as your skin heals, it may feel itchy. This is a normal part of the process and a good sign that you are healing properly. You might feel tempted to soothe the eyebrows with cold. Although they won’t necessarily minimize the swelling, a cold compress (NOT frozen) or clean soft face cloths (not wet),  lightly placed onto the eyebrows will help relieve the discomfort. Only do this for a day or so as repeated attempts to cool down the already traumatized tissue could actually increase the possibility of skin cell damage and infection. 


Never apply pressure to your new tattoo, and be very careful not to rub, scratch, scrub, or exfoliate the new eyebrow tattoo area.


Average Healing Time And Process

 Average healing time will vary from person to person and will depend on several physiological factors that include age, skin type, circulation, hormonal cycles, and how easily and/or severely you swell and bruise.


 Generally, as with any type of skin trauma, older looser skin tends to take a bit longer than younger skin to heal.  Other factors that may affect healing time include diet, excessive physical activity, exposure to direct sunlight,  and any medications you might be taking.


Touch Up Procedure

After approximately two (2) weeks, your eyebrows will have mostly healed during the “shedding” or “scabbing” process. As a result, the initial intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired color shade will start appearing over the next few weeks and be complete by week 6.


At about the 5-6 week mark,  you should have a touch-up procedure especially if you would like to make any minor changes to the shape of your brows or fill in any areas needing correction or modification.

 Schedule this appointment this week for 5-6 weeks.  


 During this “touch up” procedure, the we will go over your eyebrows again, exactly repeating the initial session. This repetition helps the tattoo last longer and encourages the ink to embed more permanently into the skin.


Repeat same aftercare as before unless otherwise instructed. 


If you have pigment retention issues, you may need to schedule a 3rd appointment.





Use clean old pillow cases as pigment may exfoliate out.

Sleep on your back or cover with clean white sweat band if you are belly sleeper or restless.

Calls and texts should be sent  &  photos to :  (cell) 518-491-1556

You can also email to me @


Please do not call 518-776-0067 (Main number).  I may not see it till evening.
















Every day for 1 week / send me a clear selfie PHOTO  / followed by  once every week for 4 weeks. 

  • This is important and a must if there are any issues. 
  •  Sometimes, a third appointment ( not included ) may be required and I need these phtotos to determine if there will or will not be a charge for the third visit. 
  •  Retention issues will NOT qualify for a third no charge session, however,  if I need to make an adjustment other than for rentention or client request shape change, there will be a No Charge 3rd session at my discretion. 
  •  Failure to follow after care  instructions will not  qualify for a no charge 3rd session.
  • Failure to send me requiree  photos will void any  third No Charge session no matter the reason.
  • Retention of color is not guaranteed. It is individual to skin and person.  If you bleed more than expected during your session, if you have skin or health issues, if you take certain medications, for many reasons of retention loss not listed, can cause loss of color.
  •  If you have natural asymmetry of your face and brow, you will still have this afer the eyebrows are completed.  I am unable to  change facial symmetry and bone structure.  No two eyebrows will match perfectly as the face is not symetrical.  This will be explained during the initial consultation phase of your eyebrow design.

Thank you for your trust and commitment to this aftercare instruction.


Kathleen Cronin



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Main number reception:  518-776-0067

Direct to Kathleen:  518-491-1556

Text to Kathleen:  518-491-1556




I have reviewed these pre and post care instructions provided by Colour Cosmetic Studio, inc.  either on line or in the office and have a copy or will refer to the online copy. I agree to follow these instructions, and realized that if I do not, my outcome will be negatively afftected.  I agree to send daily photos for the first 7 days and weekly thereafter for 4 weeks.

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