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 3D  Micropigmentation procedure 






Re-pigment and camouflage 

Scars from mastectomy

augmentation, reduction, biopsy and lumpectomy


Free consultation beforeor after your surgery

Photos available for viewing during consultation

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What is SMP?







Corrective Para Medical Dermapigmentation


Scars from surgery or injury


  • Vitiligo  
  • Surgery
  • Bald Spots  
  • Alopecia

SMP or Tricopigmentation for Scalp


Micropigmentation for the Scalp


Microinked SMP Scalp Follicle Simulation 


Specialized pigment procedure for balding

and thinning hair gives the appearance of hair and density.


 For men and women.  


Also known as Tricopigmentation,

this process replicates the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp

and for men and appears as closely cropped hair.


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