Micropigmentation IS permanent makeup and NOT SEMI-permanent. As new technicians enter this TATTOO arena, and yes, Microblading IS a TATTOO, the client is being led to believe that it is semi-permanent....make no mistake...

IT IS PERMANENT.  Because it fades, some technicians call it Semi-permanent.  The pigments fade, but tattoo pigments stay in the skin forever and leave a lasting residue.... it might have faded, but the many of the pigment molecules remain in the skin (upper dermis) forever.

It will fade over time and need touch-ups to maintain the shape and color, but the pigment does not ever completely leave the body. The United States regulatory agencies require that we call microblading:  "permanent makeup", "permanent cosmetic " including MICROBLADING... PERMANENT and NOT Semi-PERMANENT.

Please do not be mislead. Make sure you understand what MICROBLADING is with all its benefits and Risks.

Be sure you research your artist well and make sure that the photos posted are not STOCK photos and are of their personal actual work. Ask to see real healed results so you know what to expect. Ask for a free consult!  Read reviews.

It takes many procedures to become a skilled artist. Make sure your artist has had a fundamentals class and not just a 2 or 3-day training class...this is just NOT enough. They should be taking continuing skills and master level classes.  At the base level, they should have taken a fundamental course or equivalent training and experience.

This is your FACE ladies.... microblading is, deliberate cutting into the skin with very sharp needles & pigments that if not done correctly, will never fade. Microblading is the same as creating many papercuts into the upper dermal area of the skin  ... there is little room for error.  

Any pigment that is implanted into the dermis is permanent.

Cuts that do not reach the upper layer of the dermis, do not stay and are gone within 7 days to 5 weeks max.  Pigment deposited /implanted into the Epidermis will not last past the normal exfoliation process of 1-5 weeks.  Epidermis pigment implantation is semi-permanent as it did not reach the dermis... thus, done incorrectly.  It will not last beyond the normal turnover of the skin.  Even when done correctly, not all the cuts are deep enough, but enough of them should be and certainly not too deep. It takes time to learn how to do this.

Microblading is not for everyone. The condition of the skin, age, texture, ethnicity, skin damage, health or lack of good health, diseases, contraindications, oily, large pored, past or present smokers, so many reasons why microblading will never look good healed....your artist should be able to guide you and offer another method of creating eyebrows... Shaded, powder, machine hair stroke, ombre... 

MICROBLADING IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL. and it is not the only method for creating beautiful lasting micro-pigmented eyebrows that do not involve cutting into the skin.

MICROBLADE Tools are not even blades! They are needles.

Hours trained and continuing education matter.

Who they were trained by matters.

The number of procedures performed matters.

Experience matters.

New artists will undercut experienced artist prices. This lures new clients and that is ok to begin as new artists don't have the experience to charge for that experience, but understand that reduced pricing is to get new clients since new artists don't have much experience yet... That is why new artists work on family, friends, and models willing to let inexperienced artists learn. WE ALL start out that way. If you are willing to let them apprentice on you, that is fine, just understand that that is what it is.

Do you homework Ladies...ask to see credentials, training, and actual work both new and healed.

Don't make a decision based on price.

You get what you pay for in the end.

Good luck and choose well.


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