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Yvonne H.
  • Yvonne H.
  • Washington, DC
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5.0 star rating

The Studio is lovely and immediately puts you at ease with

its quiet and calm colors.  Kathleen is very patient and explains

everything she is doing.  She is especially gifted with her numbing solution!  

She is careful to consult with you about color choice before she even loads a needle,

and is very concerned with your comfort.  Her artistry is evident, as is her training as a nurse.  

Trust Kathleen - she worked on my areolas after a painful revision surgery and

I couldn't be more pleased.




  • Jlyn S.
  • Rensselaer, NY
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5.0 star rating
  • First to Review

It isn't often that I write reviews if ever but It would be a disservice to not leave one after my experience. I went to Colour Cosmetics Studio to get permanent makeup enhancement for eyebrows. The space is very inviting and relaxing. I was completely at ease during the whole process start to finish. Kathleen was sensitive to any discomfort I may have been feeling and therefore the procedure was virtually painless! The fact that she is an RN is a huge plus. She took the time to make sure that I was comfortable with the shape and thickness of eyebrows. She was very clear that this is a process and that I would need some touch ups, having said that I left there completely satisfied and excited about my new permanent makeup! I am looking forward to seeing the end results once fully healed!





5.0 star rating














Yelp Review CB, Troy, NY  BYelp Review CB, Troy, NY

From the moment you walk in to the time you leave you feel great.  The ambiance is so inviting and calming.  Kathleen is very professional and talented in skill.  She spends a lot of time and is very meticulous always explaining as she goes.  I have to say I was quite nervous about doing my eyebrows.

 One because they are so sparse and also about how much it might hurt. 

 What a gentle hand and wow what an amazing job I have the most perfect eyebrows now.  People keep asking did you do something you look really great.

 I feel really great It what a great experience.  I can't wait to do my eye liner.

  I would recommend anyone I know to Kathleen.





5.0 star rating



I had been debating if I should get my eyebrows done for decades! I finally got the courage to do it but was very skeptical of Kathleen's ability and  understanding of what I wanted.  She won my trust, from her nursing background to her spotless working area.  I felt very comfortable in her relaxing, clean work area.  I was totally freaked out after they were done because they looked "HUGE & DARK", but as Kathleen said they would,  my new eyebrows faded and looked great after a couple of weeks.  I'm so happy I got them done!  No more waking up in the morning choosing between eyebrows or brushing my teeth first.  Kathleen really made a huge difference in how I look and feel about myself.  Don't wait a minute longer!! Permanent makeup is the way to go!!!



Cris S.
  • Cris S.
  • Athens, NY
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5.0 star rating

I will start by saying that I was very apprehensive about having a scar on my lip (that I have had since I was a child) worked on, especially after several surgeries that I endured had actually made it worse.  I went to see  Kathleen upon a friend's referral, but really did not intend on having any work done.  To my surprise, Kathleen immediately put me at ease and was upfront and honest about what we could achieve, how long it would take and how much it would cost.  There was no pressure whatsoever and no unrealistic promises made. Her office is immaculate and 100% sterile and she takes every precaution to make sure there are no complications and it is as pain free as possible.  I am happy to say that I am THRILLED with the results and would recommend Kathleen to anyone considering enhancing (or camouflaging) anything they are uncomfortable with.  My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!




  • Rhonda S.
  • Troy, NY
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5.0 star rating

I had almost no eyebrows left...every morning trying recreate them, often not looking natural and uniform. I found Kathleen on the web..with all her experience, medical background and my consultation with her, I was convinced to put myself in her capable hands.
Kathleen explained everything...told me what to expect...was very conscious of my comfort....took the time to make sure I had the best color and  that my eyebrows would match each other in shape and position...and look so natural !!! Kathleen is an artist!!
In the last two months my eyebrows have evolved between my visits just the way Kathleen said they would. It's a process...one that takes some patience and care to see the awesome results. I have beautiful eyebrows once again!





Cindy W.
  • Cindy W.
  • Rensselaer, NY
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5.0 star rating

Amazing work..it was a hard decision to make,

to have permanent make up done, and I'm so glad that

I chose Colour Cosmetic Studio. Kathleen is more then a professional,

she is very artistic and articulate in her work. My eyebrows look amazing

and cannot wait to have further work done. I would recommend

Colour Cosmetic Studio, you will love the atmosphere

and how wonderful you feel when you leave. never a question unanswered..

Thank You Kathleen !!!!!



Joanne G.
  • Joanne G.
  • Albany, NY
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5.0 star rating

Exceptional talent & commitment with beautiful

results in a wonderful 

beautiful results in a wonderful
environment. Kathleen is a true professional & a wonderful artist too. 
I love my brows I feel as though my face was returned to me

only 10 years younger! Thank you.





Ann Q.
  • Ann Q.
  • Albany, NY
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5.0 star rating

Can't say enough good things about this Studio and Kathleen.  Not only is she a nurse, she did a great job with my eyebrows.

I have eyebrows that look so natural and real, I never knew what

I was missing.  The studio is like a tranquil spa and I was lulled almost

to sleep even during the procedure.  She is gentle and patient and talks

you through the whole procedure to make sure you are comfortable.

 Her office is beautiful and I LOVE my eyebrows.

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